Charlotte Sometimes (painted_bird) wrote,
Charlotte Sometimes

This just arrived in my inbox (!?)


I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, I came across your profile on and thought you might be interested in a show I’m working on. I work for BBC Three on a series called Snog Marry Avoid?

BBC Three’s hugely popular Snog Marry Avoid? is returning for a third series. It’s a fun and quirky programme that involves both very ‘glamorous’ people and alternatively dressed people who have a “stand out from the crowd” look over a more natural look. A computer called P.O.D. (Personal Overhaul Device), who does not “compute” the changes they have made to their appearance, reveals to them what the public think of their image and gives them a makeunder rather than a makeover, giving them a more natural look. This is not necessarily to try and change someones style or image but to offer an alternative. I thought you might be interested in the alternative section of the show or might know of someone who may be interested in talking to us and showing their unique look off on the show?

Snog Marry Avoid? is the highest rated factual programme on BBC3 and has a real cult following. People who have appeared on the show have had interest from magazines and TV shows and clips from the show have had hundreds of thousands of hits on Youtube etc.

As I mentioned before, if this is something you’d be interested in or you know someone who might want to get involved I’d love to hear from you / them along with a couple of photo’s highlighting your look.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

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Cheeky B'STARDS !
i did it last year...and so glad never got used in the end ...(it was before i had seen the program) if you want more details email me...but i would say noooooo.

they use lots of goths and alternative but it is very cheesy and all about natural beauty versus...
OMG! You going to for it?

Of course not! :p
I should hope not! I saw what they did to a few people I know and it wasn't a pretty sight!
My friends Pink Emma aka necromanci got hit with this as well and has no intention of touching it with a bargepole either. Crikey. Why on Earth do these people think that those of an alternative persuasion would bother getting themselves tattooed/pierced/hairdyed etc if they were remotely interested in 'the natural look'?
So relieved to read you're not going for this. But I'd be astounded if anyone I know went for this based on the write-up.

Television... the maggot still feeding on the apple of life.
"Dear Boris, Photos has no apostrophe. And I, and more than enough men and women to keep me busy, like my look just fine the way it is. So thanks but fuck off. Signed, Charlotte"
I wasn't going to bother replying but once you mentioned it I thought it sounded like fun, so I did (see below):

"Have you thought of trying to do something meaningful with your one short life, Mr Gowan? You are living in a crucial era in mankind's history - the planet is very nearly fucked and we need to do something about it. There is no time to waste. Especially not on pedalling the facist ideals of odious little TV programmes. Hand in your resignation tomorrow. Your job is shit.

P.S. I get laid quite enough looking like this, so I don't really see what improvements you could make. Thanks!"
i received this as well, and sent mr. gowan are rather annoyed response, telling him exactly what i thought of the offensive tripe he was peddling.

i like how this "P.O.D." thing seems to automatically "not compute" the "changes" that those of an alternative and/or glamorous persuasion (the two are not mutually exclusive, despite what endemol seem to think!) have made to themselves. i also like how we're supposed to give a damn what the public think, too.

to sum it up, i was furious.
Oh my goodness that programme is awfull and you are gorgeous and intelligent and look like you conciously. What idiots. Definately not worth going on.

The worse thing about it is the idea that wommen look like they do in order to get a 'male' partner or even more patriachaly a 'husband' rather than dressing out of creativity or for their own pleasure

If you do go on take an electromagnet with you and fuck up their computer!
I've seen the programme a few times, there's no way I'd go for it lol
I actually don't think that the show is too bad. I think they normally create something fairly flattering, and they are normally not insulting to people - i would say respectful, in fact.

Quite a few people with a good alt look have been told that they should just stay as they are anyway!
Charlotte, your response was perfect! Nice one!

Now add my new journal! :)