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Where it all began...   
09:15pm 05/04/2015

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I'm baaaaack!   
09:19am 03/04/2015
  I'm baccccccck!

And have very little to say all of a sudden.

But I hope some of you are baccccccck too!

It's been a while :)

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The Artist Taxi Driver on YouTube...   
10:02pm 28/02/2012
  Sometimes he actually sounds like a spoof but no, he really is that left-wing and shouty and gorgeous xx  

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Like, *seriously*?   
07:55pm 02/02/2012
  There’s no denying the fact that I got out of bed on the wrong side today. I woke at 5.37am, dry-mouthed and exhausted, with the faint taste of last night’s elegantly flavoured £3.99 corner shop wine coating my teeth. I wrenched my sorry eyes round in their sockets, scowled the scowl of scowls at that hideous symbol of oppression my hairbrush, and drifted back into two hours of fitful sleep accompanied by a unicorn and my Geography teacher from Year Seven.

No, I didn’t feel that great to start with, dear reader. An acre of horse shit was weighing down on me from the word go. I clocked in at 30 stone, my skin was like a Braille edition of a William S. Burroughs novel, I still wasn’t a virgin again and the cancer that eluded every doctor’s examinations seemed to have spread at last to my brain.

It got worse as I began to make overtures towards the outside world. A glance through the window revealed an icy wonderland that would have looked spiffing on a nice postcard. Oof.

And then I checked out the news.





... Tell me I’ve paraphrased extravagantly and I shall tell you you’re a liar. I don’t know how much longer I can deal with all this.

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I'm baaaaaaack!   
07:46pm 02/02/2012
  Dahlings, I'm back!!! I've got SO much to tell you all!!! Actually, no I haven't. It's SOOOPER dull here in this villa in Seville, and my husband isn't interested in me anymore since he got signed to Man City. Entertain me.  

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A survey   
02:53pm 23/12/2009
  What's the first thing that springs to mind when I say "Green Party member"? Do you have a fixed stereotype of what most of us are like, or not?  

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My birthday/NYE   
09:35pm 18/11/2009
  I can't go to France for my bday (31st Dec) now as we have to stay here in case my great aunt deteriorates any further... :( What are people doing for NYE? I want to try and be where most of my mates are, so I can get more birthday cards (joke)... :P  

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01:56pm 07/10/2009

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Job at g3!! Let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested...   
05:39pm 01/10/2009
  Square Peg Media are seeking a junior staff writer to work on g3, their monthly magazine for lesbian and bisexual women. Your duties will be diverse, and will include researching and writing articles as well as some picture research. This is a part-time position, and salary will be dependent upon experience. A knowledge of the lesbian/gay scene would be an advantage.

To apply, send a CV, covering letter and examples of any published work to charlotte@g3mag.co.uk

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01:40pm 25/09/2009
  My mother's had her set of Me and My Family children's books published... http://www.waylandbooks.co.uk  

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This just arrived in my inbox (!?)   
01:08pm 23/09/2009

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, I came across your profile on netgoth.org.uk and thought you might be interested in a show I’m working on. I work for BBC Three on a series called Snog Marry Avoid?

BBC Three’s hugely popular Snog Marry Avoid? is returning for a third series. It’s a fun and quirky programme that involves both very ‘glamorous’ people and alternatively dressed people who have a “stand out from the crowd” look over a more natural look. A computer called P.O.D. (Personal Overhaul Device), who does not “compute” the changes they have made to their appearance, reveals to them what the public think of their image and gives them a makeunder rather than a makeover, giving them a more natural look. This is not necessarily to try and change someones style or image but to offer an alternative. I thought you might be interested in the alternative section of the show or might know of someone who may be interested in talking to us and showing their unique look off on the show?

Snog Marry Avoid? is the highest rated factual programme on BBC3 and has a real cult following. People who have appeared on the show have had interest from magazines and TV shows and clips from the show have had hundreds of thousands of hits on Youtube etc.

As I mentioned before, if this is something you’d be interested in or you know someone who might want to get involved I’d love to hear from you / them along with a couple of photo’s highlighting your look.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,


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09:54pm 15/09/2009
  Trying to use it a bit more! Add me... I'm XLaVieEnRose  

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Good news   
11:44pm 14/09/2009
  I just got back from the hustings, and can now confirm that I will be standing as a Green Party candidate for the (already Green) Ladywell ward in the next local elections. Hurrah!  

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11:34pm 03/09/2009
  Apparently Adam Ant and David Bowie are both teetotal...  

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03:35pm 12/08/2009
  National Day of Solidarity with Vestas Workers... CENTRAL LONDON 6.30pm, rally, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), 3 Whitehall Place, organised by Campaign Against Climate Change  

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Lewisham WH Smiths accidentally includes book on Josef Fritzl as part of a Father's Day promotion   
04:12pm 19/06/2009

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04:34pm 09/06/2009
  The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories just arrived in the office.


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12:14pm 09/06/2009
  This morning I cycled from home to Waterloo (by which time it was 10 o'clock so I gave up and got on tube so I wouldn't be even more late!)... I left my house at 8.15, which should've given me plenty of time, but I got *SO* lost! I must say, however, that apart from the niggling concern that I might be late to work, it was great fun! It really cheered me up... Considering how suicidal I felt yesterday, that took some doing!

I never thought I'd enjoy exercise, but cycling really is wonderful. Even though everything hurts and I now feel as though I could eat a whole herd of wild horses. :p

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Butch lesbians   
12:05pm 02/06/2009
  Hi all,

I am currently writing an article on butch lesbians, and I want to hear lesbian and bisexual women's opinions...

There's definitely been a move towards more feminine styles in the lesbian scene in recent years. Do you think butch is dying out? Why?

Are you butch yourself? If so, can you tell me a bit about the way your style and why you choose to adopt it? If you're not, what is your opinion of women who are butch?

Answers to charlotte@g3mag.co.uk, please - ideally by the end of the day!

Many thanks!

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02:19pm 31/05/2009
  Considering going to the folk session at the George Inn near London Bridge tomorrow (if I ever finish Module Six of this fucking course, that is!). Anyone else fancy it?  

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